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About was created to be a free online resource for IBM i / System i / iSeries / AS400 professionals. started life as The Midrange System BBS ... which was created as a cheaper alternative to News/34-38's NewsLink service. The first hardware the BBS ran on was a Compaq Portable II with a 12mhz 80286 and 20mb of hard disk.

In 1993, the internet was starting to become popular,and on a lark, the domain was registered and a UUCP account was setup with a local ISP.

Using software that allowed the BBS forums to be gated to email based mailing lists, the first list hosted by was created ... MIDRANGE-L.

About a year later, the BBS system suffered a catastrophic hardware failure. Obviously this caused a bit of a disruption. After careful review, it was determined that the BBS would be abandoned, but the mailing list was still quite viable. A bit of research later, and a new Linux system was installed and mailing list software setup. was created, maintained, owned, and operated, by David Gibbs. David is a Senior Software Engineer for MKS.

This website is maintained using Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries.

eServer iSeries Copyright © 1993- and David Gibbs. IBM, iSeries, i5, and AS/400, are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation. is not affiliated with IBM, Midrange Computing, Midrange Systems, or MCPress. This site is being hosted on Franken i.