Advertisement provides a large number of resources for users and developers of IBM i (System i5 / iSeries / AS400) computers.

Here you can find ...

  • Online discussion forums (via mailing lists) with searchable archives that cover the complete range of IBM i related topics.
  • Newsgroup access to mailing lists.
  • A community maintained WIKI resource.
  • The largest resource is the mailing lists and their associated archives. These lists cover every topic related to IBM i use and development. Participation in the lists is by subscription only, but subscription is free.

All resources are provided free of charge as a service to the online IBM i community.

If you have questions or comments about the services that provides, please feel free to contact . was created to be a free online resource for IBM i (formerly System i, iSeries, & AS400) professionals. started life as The Midrange System BBS ... which was created as a cheaper alternative to News/34-38's NewsLink service. The first hardware the BBS ran on was a Compaq Portable II with a 12mhz 80286 CPU and a 20mb hard disk.

In 1993, the internet was starting to become popular, and on a lark, the domain was registered and a UUCP account was setup with a local ISP.

Using software that allowed the BBS forums to be gated to email based mailing lists, the first list hosted by was created ... MIDRANGE-L.

About a year later, the BBS system suffered a catastrophic hardware failure. Obviously this caused a bit of a disruption. After careful review, it was determined that the BBS concept would be abandoned, but the mailing list was still quite viable. After a bit of research, a new Linux system was installed and mailing list software setup. currently runs Amazon AWS Lightsail instances. This website is running on an IBM i hosted by Franken i. was created, is maintained, owned, and operated, by David Gibbs.

All mailing list's hosted by are available in a searchable web archive. The archives are broken down by list, year, and month.

The software used to create the archives makes a 'best effort' attempt to mask email addresses.

The archives can be found at

The best way to contact is us via email. Send email to .

Our postal mail address is:

c/o David Gibbs
P.O. Box 957511
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-7511

In the event you cannot contact us via the email address shown above, you can also contact us at . provides a number of email based online disucssion forums.

Most of the lists are topic specific ... the RPG400-L list is for RPG discussion; the MAPICS-L list is for discussion of the MAPICS ERP system, etc. General IBM i topics are best suited to the MIDRANGE-L list.

  • MIDRANGE-L : Midrange Systems Technical Discussion
  • BPCS-L : Infor (formerly SSA) BPCS ERP System
  • C400-L : Bare Metal Programming IBM i (including MI programming)
  • COBOL400-L : COBOL Programming on the IBM i
  • Consult400 : Consulting on the IBM i (posting of contract positions is allowed on this list)
  • Domino400 : Lotus Domino on the IBM i
  • JAVA400-L : Java Programming on and around the IBM i
  • LINUX5250 : Linux 5250 Development Project
  • MAPICS-L : MAPICS ERP System Discussion
  • MIDRANGE-JOBS : Midrange Jobs: Postings & Discussion (contract & consulting positions not allowed)
  • Midrange-NonTech : Non-Technical Discussion about the IBM i
  • PcTech : PC Technical Discussion for IBM i Users
  • RPG400-L : RPG programming on the IBM i
  • WDSCI-L : Rational Developer for IBM i / Websphere Development Studio Client for System i & iSeries
  • WEB400 : Web Enabling the IBM i
  • OpenSource : Open source software and IBM i
Special thanks to the following companies and individuals for their direct (financial) and indirect support ...
  • Larry Bolhuis - Franken i: For hosting this website