Midrange.com provides a large number of resources for users and developers of IBM i (System i5 / iSeries / AS400) computers.

Here you can find ...

  • Online discussion forums (via mailing lists) with searchable archives that cover the complete range of IBM i related topics.
  • Newsgroup access to mailing lists.
  • A community maintained WIKI resource.
  • Online chat with other IBM i professionals.
  • The largest resource is the mailing lists and their associated archives. These lists cover every topic related to IBM i use and development. Participation in the lists is by subscription only, but subscription is free.

All midrange.com resources are provided free of charge as a service to the online IBM i community.

If you have questions or comments about the services that midrange.com provides, please feel free to contact .

midrange.com was created to be a free online resource for IBM i / System i / iSeries / AS400 professionals.

midrange.com started life as The Midrange System BBS ... which was created as a cheaper alternative to News/34-38's NewsLink service. The first hardware the BBS ran on was a Compaq Portable II with a 12mhz 80286 and 20mb of hard disk.

In 1993, the internet was starting to become popular, and on a lark, the midrange.com domain was registered and a UUCP account was setup with a local ISP.

Using software that allowed the BBS forums to be gated to email based mailing lists, the first list hosted by midrange.com was created ... MIDRANGE-L.

About a year later, the BBS system suffered a catastrophic hardware failure. Obviously this caused a bit of a disruption. After careful review, it was determined that the BBS concept would be abandoned, but the mailing list was still quite viable. A bit of research later, and a new Linux system was installed and mailing list software setup.

midrange.com was created, is maintained, owned, and operated, by David Gibbs. David is a Principal Software Engineer for PTC

All mailing list's hosted by midrange.com are available in a searchable web archive. The archives are broken down by list, year, and month.

The software used to create the archives makes a 'best effort' attempt to mask email addresses.

The archives can be found at archives.midrange.com.

The best way to contact is us via email. Send email to .

Our postal mail address is:

c/o David Gibbs
P.O. Box 957511
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-7511

In the event you cannot contact us via the email address shown above, you can also contact us at .

midrange.com provides a number of email based online disucssion forums.

Most of the lists are topic specific ... the RPG400-L list is for RPG discussion; the MAPICS-L list is for discussion of the MAPICS ERP system, etc. General IBM i topics are best suited to the MIDRANGE-L list.

  • MIDRANGE-L : Midrange Systems Technical Discussion
  • BPCS-L : Infor (formerly SSA) BPCS ERP System
  • C400-L : Bare Metal Programming IBM i (including MI programming)
  • COBOL400-L : COBOL Programming on the IBM i
  • Consult400 : Consulting on the IBM i (posting of contract positions is allowed on this list)
  • Domino400 : Lotus Domino on the IBM i
  • JAVA400-L : Java Programming on and around the IBM i
  • LINUX5250 : Linux 5250 Development Project
  • MAPICS-L : MAPICS ERP System Discussion
  • MIDRANGE-JOBS : Midrange Jobs: Postings & Discussion (contract & consulting positions not allowed)
  • Midrange-NonTech : Non-Technical Discussion about the IBM i
  • PcTech : PC Technical Discussion for IBM i Users
  • RPG400-L : RPG programming on the IBM i
  • SYSTEM21 : System 21 Users
  • WDSCI-L : Rational Developer for IBM i / Websphere Development Studio Client for System i & iSeries
  • WEB400 : Web Enabling the IBM i

midange.com is now running an experimental Jabber chat server. Jabber is an open chat protocol that many chat clients support.

If you already have a Jabber or Google Talk account, you can join the chatroom 'midrangedotcom' on server 'conference.midrange.com'. There's usually people in the chat room between 8am and 5pm CST. Depending on how your browser is setup, you may be able to join the chat automatically by clicking on this link: xmpp:midrangedotcom@conference.midrange.com?join.

Annoucements regarding the chat server will be sent to the 'chat-announce' mailing list. Subscription information can be found at http://lists.midrange.com/listinfo/chat-announce.

Please note: You cannot join the chat room using the Google Talk chat client. You can, however, use a standard jabber client with your Google Talk account. For information on setting up other chat clients with Google Talk, see http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html.

Information on getting Jabber accounts can be found here:

If you cannot get a Jabber or Google Talk account, or would like more information, contact .